All About Thermoplastics

Thermoplastics are plastic materials that react brilliantly to heat and can be molded and shaped to suit your needs.

The 2 kinds of thermoplastics we have are worbla which comes in a brownish sheet and Crafti-Platic which comes in bright white pellets.

Cosplayers and product designers don’t need any introductions to these products. Works of art have been created all over the world using this easy to use versatile material. In fact we suspect Wonder Woman’s breastplate was created using thermoplastics.

If you’re into handicrafts and jewelry, this material is a must have. Create beads, bangle bases, or cast any part from thermoplastics. You can even sculpt with it.

To work with worbla, all you need is a good heat gun.

The worbla sheets can be cut with a craft scissors. Once heated, the sheets can be molded to any shape and cools without any shrinkage or warping.

Crafti-Plastic pellets are melted with hot water and molded. The beads are white but when heated, they clump up and turn translucent. It cools to a very hard plastic and is less flexible than worbla.

And the best thing is that these materials can be reused anytime if you have the heart to break apart your masterpieces. Just remelt them or reheat them and reuse.

But don’t think these are just for the pros. Every home needs thermoplastics. They are very useful for all sorts of repairs. Replace broken parts and pieces. Repair broken shoes (it’s been done before!) Re-hook broken chains.

Knife missing a hilt? This works like a charm and they have videos with a million views online to proof it. Just wrap the molten plastic around the hilt and let cool.

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