Why Liquid Castile Soap Doesn’t Need Olive Oil

Castile soap isn’t a type of soap and it isn’t a special technique used to make soap. We call it castile soap because of where it originates from. Simply put, Castile Soap is named after the olive oil-based soaps originating in Castile, Spain.

Any soap made solely from vegetable oils is considered a Castile Soap. Castile Soaps come in bar or liquid form and contains no animal fat.

Now, the misconceived perception is that Castile Soap has to contain olive oil. You may ask why did the Spanish start making castile soap from olive oil? Well, because it was one of the few oils available in Spain! Trust us, if Spain had coconuts, their castile soaps would have been made from coconut.

In current times, castile soap is also made from many other oils such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, etc. Even the most popular castile soap brands in the market today contain a combination of other oils as well. Check out their labels the next time spot them.

That being said, olive oil does produce good quality soap because it contains 80-82% oleic fatty acid, which contributes moisturizing ability to the lather. Our Liquid Castile Soap uses high-oleic versions of organic sunflower oil because it contains 81-85% oleic fatty acid. There are many other fatty acids that are similar to those of olive oil. From a soapmaking perspective, there is no functional difference substituting sunflower for olive oil. The final, high-quality soap product is unchanged.

However, there is one significant difference.

The price of Olive oil is far more expensive compared to other vegetable oils. Not only that, Organic olive oil is harder to find and makes very little difference when it comes to the final end product. On the other hand, Organic Sunflower Oil works perfectly well, moisturises and cleanses well, and also keeps the price down.

We have done our research and we found castile soaps made from olive oil to be runnier and thinner. This creates lots of wastage during use as the liquid soap tends to flow off the palm or drip away faster.

Unlike other liquid castile soaps that already contain fragrances or perfumes, our Liquid Castile Soap Base comes unscented so you can add in your own blend of essential oils that are catered to your skin. OR you can use this unscented base as it is.

So remember, when it comes to Castile Soaps, as long as they are good quality vegetable oils, your skin will love you for it!


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