NEW Frosty Look for your Candles with Ice Wax

Every once in awhile we find a product that deserves a lot of attention just because it is so beautiful to look at.

Craftiviti Ice Wax definitely deserves the spotlight in on our blog this month.

Made from a special blend of 100 % from Palm Oil base (Vegetable Origin), the Ice Wax cools with a look that is so unique it almost glitters!

Ice Wax picks up colors wonderfully and creates a random beautiful surface that is absolutely mesmerizing.

The crystal patterns are smooth so it’s perfect for pillar candles where you get to show off every part of this crystallized look.

But the Ice Wax is not only just all about looks, it also burns well and retains scent very well too.

Also, it has a very low melting point of 50-60 deg Celsius so it really reduces the time it takes to make your candles.

Recommended fragrance load is 3% to 5% but of course you can test it out for yourself to find a formulation that suits you.


  1. Secure wick to pillar mold
  2. Melt Ice Wax over double boiler
  3. Add in fragrance 3% – 5% of weight of wax
  4. Add in 0.5% candle dye
  5. Stir well and gently pour into pillar mold
  6. Let cool 48 hours before removing from mold

More information here>>


  1. Hi there, what’s the difference between this ice wax n the palm wax? Doesn’t both create crystallised lines?
    From where is both wax sourced from?


    1. Hi Lica, yes both of the Ice Wax and Palm Wax has the crystalline pattern when used to make candle.

      However, Ice Wax has a unique icy pattern and glitter look compared to Palm Wax.

      Both of the waxes are vegetable based.


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