Masks and Detox Baths – Multiple Uses for 7 Types of Clay

In our previous post, we introduced six types of skin-loving clay and their benefits, that our store supplies. This time, we’re introducing a few tried-and-true tutorials from all over the internet that incorporate these (and one more!) amazing clays.

PS: If you’d like to read a more extensive post on various skin-loving clays, you can check out The Eco Well‘s post on it!


Wellness Mama writes about rhassoul clay in this post. They provide us with simple recipes and instructions on how to make our own hair mask, face mask, face scrub and even a full body mask with rhassoul clay.

Soap Queen, on the other hand, shares a base recipe for a face mask that mixes both kaolin clay and rhassoul clay, which will “absorb [sebum] and leave the skin feeling fresh”. You can incorporate any essential oil you’d like for this recipe as well.

*Rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, rose water, and most essential oils can be found at our store.


Aussie Zeolite provides us with recipes for four different kinds of masks and one exfoliant, that incorporates zeolite clay—two of the former which can double as cleansers as well. They’re meant to moisturize, detoxify, exfoliate and refine the skin.

Homespun Aesthetic also provides a recipe with instructions on how to make a ‘DIY Healing Detox Face Mask’ using only three ingredients: zeolite clay, peppermint essential oil and tea tree essential oil.

*Zeolite clay and most essential oils can be found at our store.


DIY Natural writes about how we can take a relaxing detox bath by using a combination of French red clay, essential oils, carrier oil (like castor oil), epsom salt and a few other ingredients.

Speedy Remedies has a post on red clay (French red clay got it’s name from where it’s mined, the red clay mentioned in this post is a general name) with multiple mask recipes. Most are for the skin, but there’s one for hair as well!

*French red clay,  epsom salt, most essential oils and castor oil can be found at our store.


Hello Glow has a face mask recipe for five different kinds of clay, one of them being a recipe that uses kaolin clay, aloe vera juice and geranium essential oil.

Beauty Munsta has a face mask recipe that’s similar to Hello Glow‘s on their site, but instead of aloe vera juice and geranium essential oil, aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil are incorporated.

*Kaolin clay, aloe vera gel and most essential oils can be found at our store.

FRENCH GREEN CLAY (also known as Sea Clay)

Soap Queen has another recipe on their site for making French green clay+kaolin clay masks. They also offer alternatives for certain ingredients they use for this recipe since it may not be suitable for certain skin types.

Condé Nast Traveller offers two recipes and how-to’s. The first is for purifying facial mask which uses French green clay, water, honey and lavender essential oil. The second is for a detox bath combines pink Himalayan salt and grapefruit essential oil with French green clay.

*French green clay, avocado oil, and most essential oils can be found at our store.


Live Simple has three simple and quick tutorials for bentonite clay face masks—two with acne-fighting properties and one for skin-soothing purposes. (They’ve linked tutorials on how they make foundation powder and toothpaste using bentonite clay on this post too!)

Coconut Mama has a tutorial for a detox bath that’s similar to DIY Natural‘s. However, aside from the different measurements, theirs is also a little simpler since they use a combination of fewer ingredients.

*Bentonite clay, epsom salt and most essential oils can be found at our store.


Basenotes writes about French pink clay and it’s benefits in their post. They also provide an easy tutorial on how to make your own face mask using the aforementioned clay (you can switch it with French green clay too!) and a few other ingredients.

Soap Queen also writes about French pink clay in this post, and like their post for French green clay, they’ve included alternatives for certain ingredients used in this face mask recipe as well.

*French pink clay and most essential oils can be found at our store.

There are definitely more recipes and tutorials on the internet which use clays for varying purposes, but the ones we’ve linked here are good places to start with!

PSSST! We’ve also come up with our own clay mask recipe here 👉 All Natural Watermelon Clay Face Mask for Glowing Skin

happy crafting

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