Make Shower Time Great Again with Jelly Soap

The thing about shower time is that it isn’t fun when all you do is simply clean. It’s functional but not fun-fun in the many ways bath time can be. Like, watching bath bombs dissolve, building bubble kingdoms or simply relaxing in warm waters with essential oils, clays and whatnot. Your only options for fun in the shower (short of bringing not exclusively shower-related activities like singing and attempting to skate on soapy floors without falling) would most likely be selecting your soap/shampoo for the moment, giving yourself bubbly hairdos and maybe a bubble beard or mustache or two, and just getting clean.

Fortunately, now that Shower Jellies have gotten viral, we now have the option of jiggling jiggly goodness while lathering ourselves up! And, to make things easier for all of us who want to DIY our own shower jellies, Stephenson Personal Care has come up with a super easy and convenient melt-and-pour Crystal Jelly Soap Base.


According to Stephenson Personal Care, this Crystal Jelly Soap Base…

  1. Is vegetable based
  2. Can integrate with other Crystal melt and pour bases
  3. Sets to form a jelly-solid product
  4. Has fantastic transparency which enables bright colors and also superior color stability even if kept at a high temperature for extended periods
  5. Has good foaming
  6. Has excellent moisturizing from a high glycerin content
  7. Has neutral odor
  8. Is ideal for pouring and molding
  9. Can Be Sliced

Here’s their guide recipe on how to use their product:

Tips from the Craftiviti Team:

  1. We strongly advise to use a double boiler/bain maire instead of the microwave (as suggested by some online) because we’ve found that although microwaving reduces the time taken for the jelly soap base to melt, it increases the air bubbles in the base which cannot be removed and thus, compromises the stability of the soap.
  2. Using mica powder or soap dye is fine for this jelly soap base, but use as little as possible! Otherwise, the colours will bleed through.
  3. The jelly soap base hardens quickly so you’ll have to act fast! However, multiple reheats after it hardens is fine.
  4. Make sure to pour the required amount of jelly soap base into the mould in one go or it will harden in layers that can easily be separated.
  5. The jelly soap will eventually lose it’s shape, no matter how careful it’s handled. We recommend keeping it in containers similar to it’s shape if you’d like for it to retain the shape.

You can purchase Stephenson Personal Care’s Crystal Jelly Soap Base at our store here!

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happy crafting


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