Giving Your Essential Oils a Longer Shelf Life

As explained in our previous post, essential oils are products of natural sources. As such, essential oils—especially those that are high grade and pure—don’t come cheap. Storing them properly will elongate their shelf life.

Keep Caps Tightly Screwed Shut

Essential oils are volatile, and they can be oxidized. It’s best to store them in coloured glass bottles (like amber bottles) and ensure that the caps (stay away from caps with rubber bulbs!) are tightly screwed shut. Loose caps will allow space for oxygen to slip in and react with the essential oil, thus resulting in changes in the essential oil.

Away From Heat and Sunlight

In general, exposure to sunlight for a long period of time and extreme heat can affect the essential oil. Keep them away from any sources of heat and direct sunlight. Storing them in cool and dark places would be the most ideal.

*Do note that different types of essential oils have different flash points. To read more on this, check out this post by there’s an EO for that! [The flash points might vary according to the grade and concentration of the essential oils as well!] (1).

Refrigerate Them

If you live in a place of warmer climates, refrigerating your essential oils will allow them to last for an extra one to three years. The ideal temperature for this is between 33-38°C. Should you do this, store your essential oils in a Ziplock bag, wooden box or an air-tight container. This is to avoid the possibility of your food products smelling like your essential oils.

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