Get to Know: Preservatives in Cosmetics

Preservatives, whether synthetic or natural, are necessary in many personal care products. This is because personal care products usually have a pH level of around 5.5, which is compatible with not only the skin, but a variety of fungi and bacteria as well. Many personal care products also contain water and they are also enriched with extracts, plant oils, minerals and vitaminsโ€”all of which are fantastic the growth and survival of microorganisms.

In this following video, Belinda Carli mentions a few other reasons why preservatives are important in personal care products. She also sets some records straight regarding a few myths about preservatives in personal care products, ranging from certain essential oils, extracts and antioxidants having preservative properties, to whether products of certain pH levels require fungicidal protection/preservatives or not.

Watch now:

Thank you Belinda Carli from Personal Care Formulations for sharing this video with us!

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