Get to Know: Preservatives in Cosmetics

Preservatives, whether synthetic or natural, are necessary in many personal care products. This is because personal care products usually have a pH level of around 5.5, which is compatible with not only the skin, but a variety of fungi and bacteria as well. Many personal care products also contain water and they are also enriched with extracts, plant oils, minerals and vitamins—all of which are fantastic the growth and survival of microorganisms.

In this following video, Belinda Carli mentions a few other reasons why preservatives are important in personal care products. She also sets some records straight regarding a few myths about preservatives in personal care products, ranging from certain essential oils, extracts and antioxidants having preservative properties, to whether products of certain pH levels require fungicidal protection/preservatives or not.

Watch now:

Thank you Belinda Carli from Personal Care Formulations for sharing this video with us!

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