Are Your Personal Care Products REALLY Organic?

We often get a variation of similar questions at our store and in our inbox about the ‘organic’ label for personal care products. Among these variants are:

  1. How can I make organic personal care products (eg: hair care products, skincare products, cosmetics, bath products, etc)?
  2. What makes a personal care product organic?
  3. Can I just use organic ingredients and label my product as ‘organic’ without the proper certification(s)?

The quick answers to these questions are:

  1. You can start by using ingredients and materials that are approved by organic certifiers.
  2. It must have a proper certification to be labelled as organic.
  3. No, a certification is required.

And as you can see, certificates are involved in all our answers.

To know more about organic personal care products, watch the following informative and super helpful video by Belinda Carli, Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science and Cosmetic Formulator, as she shares her knowledge on how to tell if a product is really organic, and learn some basic rules of how organic products need to be formulated πŸ‘‡

Thank you Belinda Carli from Personal Care Formulations for sharing this video with us!

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