DIY Aromatherapeutic Slime

The days of the slime craze has probably already passed (replaced by soap cutting and bath bomb slicing) but between the three of them, we’re pretty sure that slime is kinder to the wallet, generally safer (no sharp objects!) and it also lasts longer.

So for today, we’re going to share our favorite slime recipe with you. It’s formulated using a specific glue (we’ll tell you why other glues may not work the same later) and it has an aromatherapeutic twist to it as well (because as calming as playing with slime already is, additional aromatherapeutic benefits can’t hurt)!


What you’ll need:

  1. Craft Glue 👉 We used this specific one.
  2. Borax  **If you’re not an adult, please work with borax under the guidance of one to prevent any mishaps!
  3. Essential Oil 👉 We used lavender, lemon and sweet orange!
  4. Mica powders 👉 We used True Green and Aztec Gold, but you can find more colour options here!
  5. Popsicle Sticks
  6. A measuring spoon 👉 We used a 1ml one for this
  7. Two beakers 👉 We used a glass one to mix hot water and borax and a plastic one to mix glue and hot water. You can switch out the plastic beaker for a paper cup.
  8. A bowl
  9. A silicone mat (Optional, but will be infinitely helpful in keeping your table clean)

Instructions (for approximate 60g of slime)

  1. Measure out 40ml of glue and add in 20ml of hot (ours is 40°C) water. Stir until the glue and water are thoroughly mixed.bty*Note:
    a) If you’d like your slime to be more sticky, you can add in more glue or lesser hot water.
    b) You can also add up to 5 drops of 100% pure essential oil during this step, or opt to add it after the slime is done (check out how to at the last section of this post).
  2. In a separate beaker, measure out 20ml of hot (again, ours is 40°C) water and add in 1ml of borax. Stir until the borax has dissolved.bty*Note: If you’d like a tougher slime texture (think hard jelly), you can add up to another 1ml of borax. Be careful because borax is extremely alkaline so it can irritate the skin!
  3. Pour the glue mixture into a bowl and add in the dissolved borax mixture. Stir with the popsicle stick.

    *Tip: To control the texture of your slime, You can add in the dissolved borax mixture part by part. Try adding 10ml of dissolve borax mixture into the glue mixture, then stir. If there is still some glue mixture that hasn’t reacted with the dissolved borax mixture, add in more in smaller amounts until you’ve achieve a texture you like.

Adding Colours

  1. Spread out the slime on a flat surface.spread slime
  2. Add in your desired colour of mica powder (we used Aztec Gold first, and added True Green later), but do it in small amounts! Too much mica will cause the colour to bleed out.spreading
  3. Fold the slime over the mica powder. Make sure to ‘package’ the mica powder inside of the slime or you’ll have quite a mess afterwards!spreading2
  4. Gentle kneed and pull until the mica powder has been thoroughly mixed into the slime.

Adding Essential Oils

After some time, essential oils will oxidize and thus, the slime will lose the scent and aromatherapeutic properties. Here’s how you can incorporate essential oils into your slime:

PS: since our essential oils are 100% pure and thus, highly concentrated, we don’t recommend adding more than 5 drops at a time for this specific recipe of ours. If your choice of essential oil is diluted, you can add more.

  1. Spread out your slime and add up to 5 drops of 100% pure and undiluted essential oil in the middle.
  2. Carefully, fold the slime over the essential oil(s). Make sure to ‘package’ it thoroughly so that the essential oils doesn’t leak out.
    *Note: If the essential oils leak out, you can use one side of the slime to ‘wipe’ it up before folding it in. If any gets on your hands, immediately wash your hands.
  3. Gentle kneed and pull until the essential oils have been completely absorbed into your slime.
We used Aztec Gold and True Green here, plus Sweet Orange, Lavender and Lemon essential oils!


*Always be extra careful when handling borax and undiluted essential oils.

* Different glues can yield different results. We used another brand of glue and our slime turned out clumpy like failed poached egg whites.


* You can mix different glues to make slime. Make sure to use more of the one that gives a smoother finish, though! …Unless you prefer the clumpy kind more 😂

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happy crafting

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