DIY Gemstone Soap

Gemstone soaps areΒ gorgeous. Not as entirely easy to make as your typical melt and pour soap (where you just melt and pour into molds, wait for them to harden and then, they’re ready to use), but definitely worth the extra effort!

The following videos are two tutorials on how you can make your own gemstone soap at home. We’ve tried both of them and found them easy to follow 😍

1. GEMSTONE SOAP D.I.Y. byΒ mimi’z world πŸ‘‡
2. How to Make Melt & Pour Gem Soap by Soap Queen/Bramble Berry πŸ‘‡

The basics ingredients you’ll need:

  1. Crystal Glycerin Soap Base
  2. Soap Pigment (you can get them here)
  3. Stirrer
  4. Silicone Mold/Container
  5. Knife
  6. Essential Oils (you can get this here).
  7. Cosmetic Grade Mica (optional, you can get it here)
  8. Cosmetic Grade Glitter (optional, you can get it here)

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happy crafting

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