Super Easy DIY Hair Oil

In our Top 10 Carrier Oils for Hair post, we mentioned that we’ll be sharing some DIY recipes on our favorite and most effective hair oils. So, here we are today with this post!

This tutorial is super quick and super easy. No fuss, and perfect for when you’re too tired to formulate a combination of carrier oils (and essential oils) for your hair.

You only need two things for this:

  1. An amber glass bottle with a dropper cap (non-toxic and it can also protect the contents from UV light!)
  2. A Carrier Oil of your choice 👉 We used 100% Pure Argan Oil (Refined), which is brilliant for dry and/or dandruff-prone scalps, and thin, frizzy and/or brittle hair.


  1. Transfer your choice of carrier oil into an amber glass bottle with a dropper cap. This is to make it easier for you to measure the amount of carrier oil you’ll need when applying to your hair.
  2. Depending on hair length, put 2-3 dropperful of carrier oil onto your palm.
    *Note: A member of our team has thick, waist-length hair and she only needs 3 dropperful of carrier oil to coat all of it. Make sure to not use too much oil  (or only castor oil) or you’ll end up with greasy hair even after you shampoo!
  3. Warm up the oil with your hand.
  4. Massage the oil onto your hair. Avoid your scalp unless you’re using Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, or Olive oil because they are more similar to the sebum naturally produced by our skin and scalp.
  5. Leave for 15+ minutes.
  6. Shampoo your hair, rinse off and dry.
argan hair oil
Grab this picture to share!

We hope this post helps you!
Stay tuned for more DIY recipes on our favorite and most effective hair oils ❤

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happy crafting

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