DIY Aromatherapeutic Wax Sachet

Wax sachets (also known as wax tablets) are another wick-less cousin of candles, but unlike wax melts which are meant to be melted, wax sachets are meant to be left around a space, near the sun to allow it to be naturally warmed in order to release aroma.

Like wax melts, they’re safer than candles because you don’t need to light them up. UnlikeΒ wax melts, there’s no need for electricity (if you’ve an electrical wax burner/warmer) or a lighted flame (if you have a traditional one) as well to unleash the aroma from wax sachets. All you need is good ol’ sunlight!


What you’ll need:

  1. Natural Pillar Soywax
  2. Dried Rose Buds
  3. Dried Amaranth Globe Flowers
  4. Essential Oils πŸ‘‰Β we used lemongrass, sweet orange and lemon essential oils here.
  5. Wax Sachet Silicone Molds πŸ‘‰Β we used these 30g molds.


  1. Melt 25g of Natural Pillar Soywax in a double boiler.
    *Note: If you’re making plain wax sachets, you can use an amount of wax equal to the maximum of the silicone mold. We’re using less here because of buoyant force of the decorative dried flowers.
  2. Turn off heat once entirely melted and add in up to 2.5g (or 10% of total wax used) of essential oils.Β Stir so the essential oils are evenly dispersed.
  3. Pour into wax sachet mold.
  4. Wait until a white ring forms at the edges of the mold (as pictured below) before placing dried flowers as decoration. This is your wax hardening, so don’t wait too long or else you wont be able to decorate your wax sachet nicely!


  5. Once fully hardened, you can remove your wax sachet from the mold. Make sure to be firm but gentle, or else it might break!


Pssst! If you accidentally broke your wax tablet like we did, no worries! You can turn it into a wax melt bits by chopping it up πŸ‘‡


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happy crafting

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