Quick, Easy and Effective DIY Cuticle Oil using only 2 Ingredients!

Used on the cuticle, skin and nail area, cuticle oil moisturizes, protects against damage and trauma, and also improves the health and appearance of these areas. It’s a lifesaver for everyone, whether you’ve long nails or short nails.

So, for today, we’ve a quick, easy and effective DIY Cuticle Oil using only two ingredients and one optional ingredient 👇


What you’ll need:

  1. Jojoba Oil (Why use this? Because it’s the closest to the sebum our skin produces!)
  2. Vitamin E Acetate (This type of vitamin only benefits the skin, it does not help to prolong the shelf life of the cuticle oil)
  3. Empty Cuticle Oil Brush Pen or Nail Polish Bottle
  4. Essential Oil (Optional; We recommend using Lavender/Tea Tree EO for keeping your nails healthy and strong, or Peppermint/Sweet Orange EO for nail growth!)

Instructions (for 15ml of cuticle oil)

  1. Measure out 10ml of jojoba oil and 5ml of Vitamin E Acetate.
    *Note: If the consistency is too watery for you, you can add more Vitamin E Acetate.
  2. (Optional) Add up to 5 drops of essential oil.
  3. Mix thoroughly before pouring into your container of choice.
  4. It’s now ready to use!
    *Note: You can reapply cuticle oil as often as you’d like, but do wait for it to be completely absorbed into your skin before doing so!

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happy crafting

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