Craftiviti’s Yellow Craft Box – Your Complete Craft Project In One Box!

Oftentimes, we get customers who come to our store with an idea to pick up a new craft but not knowing where to start. We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet, but our store’s a mini Wonderland of DIY personal care and therapeutic craft materials 😉 So yeah, we definitely understand if some get overwhelmed by the many choices or lost!

IMG_20181122_172055As a result, we came up with our Yellow Craft Box that’s beginner friendly for those aged 4+! With this box, you’ll have your entire project kit for a specific craft in your hands—free of fuss and totally not complicated at all. We’ve also included instructions on how to do your choice of craft, plus a video tutorial you can easily access via QR Code scanner.

Also, depending on what kit it is, the only other thing you’ll need in order to do your craft project can be readily found in the comforts of your own home. For example, a stove for your double boiler or a microwave to melt your soap base if you’re crafting using our Strawberry & Cream Soap Craft Kit!

Yellow Craft Box ycb craftiviti

With our Yellow Craft Box (which we also affectionately call ‘YCB’ for short), learning a new craft is now easier. You can craft just about whenever, wherever! It’s also a brilliant gift for those who love arts and crafts (or science!).

Pssst! Our Yellow Craft Boxes are limited edition so once a version is gone, it’s gone for good! So get yours ASAP before that happens from our website or our physical store at 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The Contents of our Beaded Candle Kit where the only time you need a flame is when you light up the candle! Check out our YouTube for more videos.

happy crafting



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