Flashback Friday – 5 Times Juniper’s Journal Talked About Us

Recently, we noticed another amazing person (a.k.a. Juniper of Juniper’s Journal) who talked about us on their blog and we are so so delighted and thankful that her experience with us was just as amazing as our experience with her.

Junipers Journal Craftiviti Blog Feature

All her posts on us (click on the individual titles to read each post!):

  1. Craftiviti Is A Craftmaker’s Paradise From Amateur To Artisan Level
  2. Craftiviti Workshop : Handmade Lotion
  3. Craftiviti Workshop : Melt & Pour Soap
  4. Craftiviti Workshop : Foaming Bath Butter
  5. Ruby Red Face & Body Paint Available At Craftiviti

Thank you so much for featuring us Juniper!

happy craftingbuy it

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