Craftiviti Shares: 6 Different Types of Wax & Choosing The Right One to Make Your Candle

When it comes to candle making, the most important thing you need to consider is choosing the type of wax that you’ll be using. In this post, we will be sharing with you the different types of wax and how to choose the right one to make your candle.

So how do you choose the best candle wax?

The first thing that you need to consider when it comes to candle making is: 1. The shape of the candles you would like to make
2. The amount of scent in your candle
3. The type of finishing you would like your candle to have

By considering these 3 points stated above, this will help you decide on which wax has the best features in making your specific candle. Here we will share with you the most common waxes used by our customers and the different types of candle wax that you can find here at #Craftiviti!

1. Palm Wax

Palm wax is a 100% natural wax which is produced by hydrogenating palm oils. This wax is the best material for making excellent jar less or pillar candles. It has high contraction which demold easily, can hold both color and scent well. By using palm wax, you can create your candle with unique textures.

Photo taken from Sally’s Room

2. Gel Wax

Gel Wax is not a wax, it is made of mineral oil and a polymer resin. The best thing about gel wax is the transparency that it has. By using this wax, you can insert something into your candle and put it into a glass container that makes it more attractive.

Photo taken from Indiamart

3. Soy Wax

Soy Wax is 100% pure natural as it is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans and is formulated for making container candle. It helps to make smooth creamy soy container candle. Do take note that soy wax is a bit picky when it comes to dye and scent, so make few tests and research before making your candle.

Photo taken from Food52

4. Ice Wax

Ice Wax is known as one of the aesthetically pleasing wax as it creates beautiful crystal icy patterns once it colds. This wax is very hard, has a long burning time and a strong scent retention.

Photo taken from Craftiviti

5. Beeswax

Produced by natural honeycomb of the bees , this wax has its own aromatic honey scent in it. The best feature of Beeswax is that they burn longer and it acts as air purifier as it produces negative ions. There are many types of of Beeswax such as organic Beeswax, white Beeswax and natural refined Beeswax so you can choose any of the type depends on what kind of candle you want to make.

Photo taken from ThePrairieHomeStead

6. Beeswax sheet

If you are looking for a simpler method to make a candle, then using Beeswax sheet is the best answer. Originally, this sheet is designed for the beekeepers to use as a guide for the bees to build their comb where the beekeeper needed it. But they found out that this sheet is easily to use when it comes to folding and rolling it into a candle. The hexagon textures on this sheet too makes the candle looks unique!

Photo taken from GloryBee

With this pack of an informative article, hope you can use it as a guide for you to start making your candles. If you want to buy any of the waxes stated above, do visit our website here and make your purchase.
Yes, we do deliver nationwide!

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