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Craftiviti is a place that embraces and encourages the idea of making your own soaps, shampoos and other skincare products and it provides consumers with all the ingredients and tools they need to get started.

More importantly, it debunks the myth that doing so is a complex, time consuming process.

They teach you to keep things simple here because the goal is to make your own products in the comfort of your home.

When we look at the label on a bottle of shampoo or lotion, most of us can’t decipher half the ingredients listed. It makes you wonder what goes into the making of a single personal care product and is it really as complex as it seems?


Weiyein Leong, the founder of Craftiviti wants more Malaysians to embrace DIY products, especially personal care products and to understand that the process is simple, even for someone who has never ventured into that field.

Do you know that to make an effective lip balm or body cleanser, you only need four ingredients?

For a lip balm, you just need beeswax, shea butter, a soft oil (like jojoba or almond oil) and some essential oil.

And it takes just 10 minutes to make a large 1kg bar of soap that will last you probably 2-3 months.

And body lotions? Well, you just need water, emulsifier, and a good oil such as coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

And it doesn’t cost as much as one would imagine either. Leong says bath bombs which are so popular now can be very expensive if store bought, around RM40 a piece but if you were to make a batch yourself, it would probably come to only RM5 a piece.

Leong says DIY personal care products is a rising trend in Malaysia. In the United States, it’s already an industry worth billions of dollars.

“People are becoming more conscious about the ingredients on a label and what they want or don’t want on their skin, leading to more consumers making their own products.”

Crafting your own personal care products allows you to have complete control over what ingredients to put into your soaps, shampoos and lotions.

More importantly, one can personalise the product to suit one’s individual needs or concerns.

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to making your own skincare products.

Leong says mothers for example choose cute moulds to make colourful, moisturising soaps for their children. Some even embed tiny toys into these soaps during the soap making process so kids will be excited and diligent about washing their hands.

“The more they wash, the closer they get to the toy so it’s really a fun process for them too,” says Leong.

But she stresses that they always encourage customers to do a patch test first before using these ingredients to make personal care products.

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s completely safe because some people do get a reaction to certain natural ingredients.

“Many customers who come into our shop are looking to create something of their own because they have problems with commercially made products. We don’t claim to be a pharmacy. We just provide the necessary raw ingredients and the tools and it’s always good to test it out first.”

Craftiviti does offer small bottles for people who want to try and test out certain formulations.

Leong add that one of the most important aspects of DIY personal care products, aside from having safe, effective solutions for the skin, is the satisfaction that comes from making something on your own.

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