DIY Basic Acrylic Pour Fluid Art with Mont Marte Products Only!

Acrylic pouring is a messy but super simple and therapeutic art. All you need is the right pouring medium, paints and a canvas to start!

What You’ll Need:


  1. Mont Marte Acrylic Paints
  2. Pouring Medium made with Mont Marte’s Acrylic Retarder, PVA Craft Glue and Acrylic Medium Gloss 👉 You can check out the recipe/tutorial here!
  3. Canvas
  4. Paper Cups
  5. Popsicle Sticks
  6. Water (from the tap is fine! Also, optional)
  7. Weighing Scale (optional)
  8. A silicone/plastic mat to protect your work surface
  9. Non-powdered latex gloves to protect your hands


  1. On top of a silicone mat, place your canvas on plastic cup(s) to elevate it. Make sure that the canvas is level to ensure a smooth and balanced surface for the paints to be poured on.
  2. Choose your desired acrylic paint color. For each color, prepare one popsicle stick and one paper cup.
    Craftiviti Art Pouring 220919 (4)
  3. While wearing non-powdered latex gloves, mix 1 part acrylic paint with 1 part pouring medium (Eg: 2g of Mont Marte Acrylic Paint with 2g of Pouring Medium). Don’t mix too fast or it will introduce a lot of bubbles into the mixture.
    bty*Note: The mixture should be thick but runny. If it isn’t runny enough, you can add a little bit of water, but be careful not to dilute it too much or else the pigments can’t cover the canvas properly!
  4. After mixing pouring medium with the paints, pour each mixture into a new cup. Layer the colors however you prefer.
    bdr*Note: Ensure that you have enough paint to cover your canvas. If not, you can always mix more colors to add on.
  5. Place your canvas on top of the cup and flip it over. Let the paint travel down from the inverted bottom of the cup for a few seconds before removing the cup.(Check out our Instagram Video here for an example!)
  6. Move the canvas around. Tilt it from one side to another so that paint can flow and cover the entire surface. Be careful not to pour away all your paint, though! You can also use your fingers to cover the sides of the canvas with paint.
    Craftiviti Art Pouring 220919 (18)
  7. Leave aside for 24-48 hours at room temperature and away from heat or cold (such as sunlight and air conditioning) as this can affect the drying process.
  8. Once dried, you can display your artwork!
    Craftiviti Art Pouring 220919 (1)


happy craftingbuy it

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