Easy DIY Skin Healing Balm

Hi Crafters!

Since constant washing and sanitizing dries out the skin a lot, we’ve a recipe for an AMAZING Skin Healing Balm to share with you today.

Pssst, we’ve a printable recipe card for this one too, so grab it from down below!


What You’ll Need:

  1. Organic Yellow Beeswax (USA)
  2. Refined Shea Butter
  3. St John’s Worts Oil
  4. Pure Argan Oil
  5. Vitamin E Acetate
  6. Yein & Young Lavender Essential Oil
  7. Yein & Young Chamomile Essential Oil
  8. Yein & Young Tea Tree Essential Oil
  9. 100ml Glass Beaker/Heat-Safe Glass Bowl
  10. Glass Pipette (Glass droppers or disposable pipettes are fine too)
  11. Glass Stirrer (You can substitute this with a popsicle stick)
  12. Kitchen Scale
  13. 100g Container πŸ‘‰ We used this aluminium jar!


  1. Add 15g of Organic Yellow Beeswax and 15g of Refined Shea Butter in the glass beaker/bowl
  2. Place the glass beaker/bowl over a pan of water on a stove, and melt the contents (double boiling method). Stir occasionally to make sure it melts evenly.
  3. Once melted, remove the glass beaker/bowl from the pan.
  4. With a glass pipette, add in 15ml ofΒ St John’s Worts Oil, 5 ml of Argan Oil, and 5ml of Vitamin E Acetate. Stir well to blend.
  5. Add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil, 3 drops of Chamomile essential oil, and 3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil.
  6. Pour into 100ml jar. Allow to cool.

Craftiviti Recipe DIY Instructions 2-Skin Healing Balm-12

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    1. Thank you ❀️❀️ And, IKR? This balm has worked wonderfully for us so far. Hopefully, it’ll work just as well for you too!

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