Turning Broken Wax Sachets into New Candles!

Hi Crafters!

Recently, some of our wax sachets (you can check out here on how you can DIY your own aromatherapeutic wax sachets) broke so we decided to give them a new life by turning them into candles πŸ˜‰


What You’ll Need:

  1. Old/Broken Wax Sachets
  2. Candle Jar πŸ‘‰ We used this one!
  3. WickΒ πŸ‘‰ Ours here is an LX-18 as the burning diameter suits the diameter of our jar
  4. Heat Safe Glass Beaker
  5. Essential Oil or Fragrance OilsΒ πŸ‘‰ We used the Yein & Young Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  6. Bow Tie Clip
  7. StirrerΒ πŸ‘‰ We used popsicle sticks here.
  8. Kitchen Scale
  9. Thermometer


  1. Break your old/broken wax sachets into small pieces. Remove any large pieces of botanicals (dried leaves, flowers, etc).
    craftiviti turning wax sachets to candles (10)
  2. Place the broken pieces into a heat-safe glass beaker and melt the pieces using the double boiler method.
    *Note: We don’t recommend using a microwave here as it may burn the botanicals left with the broken sachet pieces.
  3. Secure a wick to the bottom of the candle jar using a bow tie clip. If you’d like, you can use a glue dot to help attach the wick to the bottom.
    bty*Note: If you don’t have a bow tie clip, you can use a large wooden clothes peg as well.
  4. Check the weight of your melted wax sachet pieces. If there seems to be not enough for your container, you can add more soy wax.
    *Note: To calculate the amount of soy wax needed for your container:
    Volume of Glass Jar x 0.77 = Soy Wax (grams)
    For example: 100ml jar x 0.77 = 77g soy wax
    Thus, we have a 350ml jar and the weight of our melted wax sachets is 68g. The 350ml jar needs 269.5g of soy wax. So 269.5g – 68g = 201.5g of additional soy wax needed.
    Craftiviti Candle making materials - soywax wicks essential oils
  5. Based on the total weight of your melted wax, you can add up to 8% (in ml, not g) of essential oil/fragrance oil.
    For example: 8% of 269.5g = 21.56ml of essential oil/fragrance oil.
  6. Before adding the essential/fragrance oil, check the temperature of your melted wax. 60Β°C is optimal for adding in most fragrance oils. 45Β°C is optimal for essential oils. Ensure you stir thoroughly after adding your essential/fragrance oils.
  7. At around 38-41Β°C, gently pour the melted soy wax into your candle jar (up until the neck and not more than that). Leave it aside for 48 hours.
  8. After 48 hours, gently remove the bow tie clip and snip the wick until it’s 1cm above the wax.


a) Air pockets may appear in around your candle. This is normal and cause by the soy wax shrinking. To reduce chances of this, heat up your jar before pouring the melted wax.
b) We recommend letting your candle to cure for 7 days before you burn it. This is to ensure that the wax and essential/fragrance oil will have sufficient time to properly meld together.

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happy crafting

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