Types of Wicks and Which to Use for Candle Making

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Making candles on your own can get rather complicated since there’s a vast variety of materials to choose from. To make things a little easier for your candle making journey, we’ve come up with this post for you to refer to when choosing wicks for your candles at our store 😊

*PS: Measurements in centimetres are direct conversions of inches (1 inch = 2.54cm) so the numbers are specific, but feel free to round them up or down, depending on which is closer.

ECO Wicks

eco wicks craftiviti

Created specifically for natural waxes, ECO candle wicks are flat, core-less cotton wicks that are braided and interwoven with thin paper filaments for stable burning, and minimal mushrooming, soot and smoke. Also primed with vegetable wax instead of paraffin.

eco wick
*Recommendations are based on wick used in soy wax candles

eco wicks

HTP Wick

htp-105 wicks

Core-less, cotton braided wicks that are designed to bend at the tip when burning, resulting in a more complete burn that has less mushrooming and smoke.

htp wick
*Recommendations are based on wick used in paraffin candles. Candles of natural waxes may require larger wicks.

htp-105 wick

LX Wick

lx-18 wicks

Flat braided cotton wicks that are created to reduce mushrooming, smoke and soot. Can be used in virtually any application (pillar candle, container candles, votive candles, etc).

lx candle wick guide craftiviti

*Recommendation is based on wick used in paraffin candles. Candles of natural waxes may require larger wicks.

lx-18 wick

Wooden Wicks

wooden wick (2)

Comprised of two pieces of wood pressed together or crossed into a ‘+’, these soft wood wicks offer the unique sounds of crackling and popping flames on wood. Used mainly in soy wax container candles.

wooden wick
*Recommendation is based on wick used in soy wax candles.

Blog Post Photos (1)

Zinc Core Wick

zinc wick (3)

Used in paraffin and gel wax (votive, pillar and container) candles. The wire core in the wick helps it to remain upright while the candle is being poured and when the candle is lit. NOT recommended for natural waxes.

zinc wick
*Recommendation is based on wick used in paraffin candles.

zinc wick (2)

This post is merely a guideline. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect candle making, ranging from type of fragrance oil used, type of wax, diameter of jar, curing period, presence of additives and more.Β Even if you get the right wick for your jar, other factors can affect a candle as well.

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