Guide for Adding Honey to Melt and Pour Soap

Hi Crafters!

Some of you have come to us, explaining that your honey soaps made using melt and pour soap bases are too soft or have honey leaking out of them. So, we’ve come up with this little guide for you using our Crystal Glycerin Soap Base and our Organic Longan Honey.

PS: If you’d like a soap base that already has honey in it, we’d recommend Stephenson Personal Care’s Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base 😊


What we used:

  1. 400g of Crystal Glycerin Soap Base (100g for each bar)
  2. 50.5ml of Organic Longan Honey (in varying amounts for each bar)
  3. Rounded Edges Square Soap Mold – 100g (we’d cut up ours πŸ˜‚)
  4. Wax Warmer (for direct melting, which is a quicker way to melt soap base but unfortunately, results in more bubbles in the soap).
  5. Stainless Steel Cups
  6. Measuring Spoon
  7. Digital Scale
  8. Popsicle Sticks

How we incorporated honey into each bar:

  1. Using a digital scale, we made sure each bar of soap would have exactly 100g of soap base. We measured 4 cups of 100g soap base for this test and melted them with the wax warmer.
  2. Then, using measuring spoons and the same digital scale, we measured 0.5ml, 5ml, 15ml and 30ml of Organic Longan Honey.
  3. To each cup of melted soap base, we added the following amount of Organic Longan Honey:
    ~ 1st Cup – 0.5ml
    ~ 2nd Cup – 5ml
    ~ 3rd Cup – 15ml
    ~ 4th Cup – 30ml
  4. Stir well to blend the melted soap base and honey before pouring into the silicone mold.
  5. Once the soap has cooled down and hardened entirely, remove from the mold.

After de-molding, here’s our results:

adding honey in melt and pour soap craftiviti

Ignoring the specks in the soaps (caused by air bubbles formed during direct melting), we can see in this picture that the more honey added to the soap base, the deeper the color becomes and the more moisturizing it feels. However, the bar with 30ml honey added to it, is soft and can be torn and squished by bare hands.

Based on this, we’d recommend only adding up to 15ml per 100g of Crystal Glycerin Soap Base.Β If you’re using a different type of soap base, please do a small test first to know exactly how much honey you can add into the soap because the amount of honey added to a melt and pour soap base may differ according to the type of soap base.

Also, do note that the more honey you add to the soap base, the higher the possibility of the soap becoming soft or the honey separating from the soap base. There may also be an increase in glycerin dew (soap sweat).

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