Craftiviti’s Heading in a New Direction

Hi Crafters!

2020 has been a pretty crazy year so far and there’s just as many ups as there are downs for us. Nevertheless, we’re always grateful to be here and to be a part of a community where people are passionate about handmaking their own personal care products like we are!

craftiviti malaysia 2020

For those unaware, Craftiviti was founded in 2015 by Yein, who is a certified Cosmetic Chemist (Institute of Personal Care Sciences, Australia) and her partner Eugene. It’s a homegrown retail and online store that provides materials, tools, ingredients and workshops for fellow crafters, makers and dreamers to DIY personal care and therapeutic craft products.

crafti-express craftiviti

Now that Craftiviti is 5 years old, we’re moving into a more defined direction, placing priority on spreading wellness for the community and environment by being the hub of knowledge and providing globally certified ingredients and tools to easily handmake personal care products.

Crafti Express 88

As part of this, we’ve launched Crafti-Express, which is Malaysia’s First DIY Personal Care and Therapeutic Crafts Bar, to bring a new experience to everyone’s handmake journey. Since its launched, we’ve garnered a total of 150 crafters and presently have 9 recipes on our menu 😍

For those unaware, the Crafti-Express is located at our retail store (located here). Based on the recipes offered on the menu (five for now, but we will be adding more!), you can create your own personal care (ie: soaps, lotions) and therapeutic crafts (ie: candles, shrink plastic keychains) products. It’s an opportunity to learn how to DIY your own personal care/therapeutic craft products with one of our team members to guide you. You can also test out raw materials and bring home a finished product that can be used immediately 😊


WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at 5.01.20 PM (1)

Crafti Express 108

We’ve also implemented several changes to the things we do and are planning for more in the future. Stay tuned for our next blog post on what we’ve done as part of our new direction ❤️️

happy crafting

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