Testing Every Craftiviti Fragrance Oil for Acceleration in Cold Process Soap

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Throughout the years, we’ve received many inquiries about our fragrance oils and among those inquiries involve whether such and such fragrance oil will cause acceleration or not in cold process soap. Thus, we took some time to test out all 88 of our fragrance oils and create this chart in hope that it’ll help make it easier for you 😊


Trace is the point wherein oils and lye water have emulsified. Once the soap has reached thin trace, the surface of the soap batter is able to support trailings and drops of batter. Over time, it will continue to thicken, going from a consistency of smooth pancake batter to a thick pudding-like consistency.

Acceleration, on the other hand, is when the soap batter traces more quickly than usual. This is a common occurrence which occurs due to the combination of carrier oils/butter used, the use of an immersion blender, and more often than not, fragrance/essential oils.

For the purpose of this experiment, we used a cold process soap recipe that has 70% soft oils (pomace olive oil and evening primrose oil) and 30% hard oil (palm oil).

The Exact Recipe

  1. 30g of Wheatgerm Oil
  2. 180g of Pomace Olive Oil
  3. 90g of Palm Oil
  4. 40.32g of Sodium Hydroxide
  5. 92.73g of Water

Each batch of soap involves the use of an immersion blender until the oils and lye have emulsified. It is then hand stirred with a stainless steel whisk until light trace before being divided into small cups in which 10 drops of each fragrance oil is incorporated into.

With that said, our results are based on the aforementioned recipe and methods. Thus, the following chart should only be used as a guide for when you’re thinking of incorporating any of Craftiviti’s fragrance oils into your cold process soaps.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-07 at 3.07.21 PMThe first batch we made was with the use of a silicone mold but it was a messy process so we switched to little paper cups.

Meaning of Keys
Y* = very fast trace (within 3 minutes)
Y = moderate trace (within 5 minutes)
N = very slow/no trace (within 10+ minutes)
N* = no trace

Fragrance Oil Acceleration
Agarwood Y*
Aloe Vera N
Amber N
Apple Y
Baby Powder Y
Banana N
Bergamot N
Cherry N
Chocolate Delight N
Cinnamon N
Coco Lemon Eucalyptus N
Coconut N
Coffee Y
Cranberry Y
Cranberry Light Y*
Cucumber Y
Dewberry Y
Endearing Man (Designer Fragrance Oil) Y
Eucalyptus Y
Floral Mist Y*
Forest Fresh Y
Frangipani Y
Frankincense Y
French Cologne Y
Geranium Y*
Ginger N*
Grape Y
Grapefruit Y
Green Tea Y
Honey Almond N
Honey N
Honeydew N
Jasmine Y*
Jasmine Rice N
Lavender N
Lavender Fresh N
Lemon Y
Lemongrass N
Lime Y
Limitless (Designer Fragrance Oil) N
Magical (Designer Fragrance Oil) N
Mango N
Maple Syrup N
Melon Y
Milk N
Mythical (Designer Fragrance Oil) N
Orange & Lemon N
Orange N
Orchid Y
Osmanthus N
Pandan N
Papaya N
Peach N
Peony Y
Pineapple Cocktail Y
Pink Champagne N
Pomegranate Y
Raspberry Y*
Roasted Peach Y
Rose Y*
Rose Petal Y*
Rosemary Y
Sakura Y*
Sandalwood Y*
Satin Sheets N
Sea Breeze N
Sea Salt & Citrus N
Smokey Tobacco N
Snowy Cedars N
Sparkling Pomelo N
Spearmint N
Spice of Life (Designer Fragrance Oil) Y
Strawberry N
Strawberry Fresh N
Sweet Melon Rush Y*
Sweet Rose N
Tangerine N
Timber Y
Tutti Fruitti Y*
Vanilla Y
Verbena Y
Vetiver Y*
Watermelon Y*
White Musk Y
White Tea Y
Wild Flower N
Ylang Ylang Y
Yogurt N


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We hope this helps ❤️️

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