What is Tung Oil and How to Use it

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We’ve gotten a few questions on our 100% pure Tung Oil recently and have come up with this informative blog post to help introduce this wonderful product to you all ๐Ÿ˜Š

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What is Tung Oil?

Extracted from the seed of the nut of the Tung Tree (Vernicia fordii), Tung Oil (Chinese: ๆก, tรณng ; also known as China Wood Oil) is a drying oil that has been used for centuries as a water-resistant finish for wooden boats and other wooden objects, as well as to finish stone. It is a versatile, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly oil that naturally seals, waterproofs and protects your surfaces, which makes it a wonderful natural alternative to lacquer and chemical-based varnish.

Benefits of 100% Pure Tung Oil

  • Waterproof/Highly Water-Resistant
  • Can be used to harden softer wood such as wood from palm tree or coconut tree
  • Natural varnish and wood darkener
  • Flexible and protects wood that expands and contract
  • Easy to apply and very forgiving during application
  • Easy to re-apply when the original finish becomes damaged or worn
  • Resistant to alcohol and acetone
  • Food safe once fully cured

When to use Tung Oil?

  • To provide wood/concrete/stone surfaces with a water-resistant finish, including floors, stairs, furniture, musical instruments, toys, wooden soap dishes, incense stick holders, wooden candle holders and more
  • To harden/strengthen soft wood as tung oil hardens during curing
  • For food-safe wooden plates, trays, utensils, etc

SM Posters (1)How to use Tung Oil?

  1. Ensure that there is no dirt, dust, grease, oil or any other contaminants/debris on the surface of the item you wish to coat with Tung Oil. If there is an existing layer of finish or any coating, you will need to strip or sand it away first as Tung Oil can only be applied to bare surfaces or over another coat of Tung Oil.
  2. Using a soft microfiber cloth or sponge brush, liberally apply Tung Oil onto the surface. Then, wait for the oil to be absorbed into the wood/concrete/porous surface and wipe off any excess on the surface.
  3. After an hour, apply a second coat. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the surface remains glossy for at least an hour as this means that the oil has been thoroughly absorbed and the surface is fully saturated.

If there is unabsorbed oil Tung Oil…

Use a clean rag to wipe the surface until there are no beads or puddles of Tung Oil. This is crucial in preventing the Tung Oil from curing on the surface.

To get the best finish

It is recommended to apply one or two more coats of Tung Oil the day after the initial coating of Tung Oil has been done. As stated above, wipe away all excess Tung Oil so it doesn’t cure on the surface. Then, let the tung oil cure for 15-30 days.

The curing process

Tung Oil needs about 15-30 days to completely cure. During the curing process, do not expose the surface to direct sunlight and avoid placing heavy objects on it. Check and wipe away any beads of Tung Oil that may rise on the surface during the curing process. If the surface is a floor, you can walk on it with clean shoes or plastic/cloth covered shows.

How to clean and care for Tung Oil-covered surfaces

Cleaning is as simple as using warm to hot water and standard dish soap. No special soap needed!

As for the caring part, often used surfaces like floors and stairs may need touch-ups of Tung Oil now and then. Simply reapply a layer or two of Tung Oil and wipe off any excess that may rise up to the surface.

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We hope this helps you and that it answers your questions!ย โค๏ธ๏ธ


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