DIY Leaf Shine with 3 Ingredients

Dust and debris naturally collects on the surface of indoor plants which can affect their ability to absorb sunlight, photosynthesis process and growth. Thus, it’s important for us to wipe the leaves of our plants every now and then to keep them clean and healthy.

But, what else can be done for our plants? Why do some people haveΒ shiny real houseplants at home? Well, look no further because the answer is leaf shine!

Before you head over to the closest plant nursery or hardware store, keep in mind that store-bought leaf shine can be detrimental to your plants’ health. Thus, a better alternative is natural leaf shine that you’ve made yourself so you’ll know what’s exactly in it.

In this video, we’re making our own natural, delicate leaf shine which uses only 3 ingredients. It helped us swipe away grime and even pests! πŸ‘‡

What You’ll Need:

  1. Virgin Neem Oil
  2. Liquid Castile Soap πŸ‘‰ We used this one from Yein&Young!
  3. Water
  4. Spray Bottle πŸ‘‰ We used this one in the video

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happy crafting

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