About Virgin Beeswax Bar and Why You Should Use It

Hello Handmakers!

We’re super excited to share with you one of our proudest local (Malaysia) sourcing: the Virgin Beeswax Bar!

This 100% natural Virgin Beeswax Bar comes from an apiary deep inside the Pahang Forest Reserve, which is home to Italian Honeybees left to naturally forage the flora of our rainforest šŸ This wax is derived purely from cappings wax–a wax used by bees to seal their honey cells. It is naturally filtered using a chemical-free water bath method and has a natural sweet honey fragrance.

Find out more about this awesome wax and why you should use it here šŸ‘‡

This Virgin Beeswax Bar is perfect for:
āœ”ļø balms and slaves like lip balms, lipsticks, lotion bars, and pomades
āœ”ļø beeswax wraps
āœ”ļø candles, wax melts, and wax sachets
and more!

Here’s some recipes you can use this wax in:
šŸ‘‰ Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap with 3 Ingredients
šŸ‘‰ DIY Easy and Natural Aromatherapeutic Solid Perfume
šŸ‘‰ Berry Refreshing Natural Lip Balm DIY
šŸ‘‰ DIY Aromatherapeutic Wax Sachet (replace Natural Pillar Soy Wax with grated Virgin Beeswax Bar)
šŸ‘‰ DIY Mini Lavender, Rose and Lemon Hearts Wax Melts (replace Natural Soy Wax with grated Virgin Beeswax Bar)

happy crafting
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