What does flashpoint in fragrance oils mean?

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fo and candle scentAs many of you are picking up the art of candle making, some have come to us asking about the flashpoint in fragrance oils and if it really matters when it comes to making candles. To answer your questions and share knowledge on this aspect, here’s this blogpost to shed some light on the matter πŸ™Œ


What does flashpoint in fragrance oils mean?

Flashpoint is the temperature at which a fragrance oil can combust when exposed to open flames or sparks. Adding fragrance oil to melted wax at a temperature above the flashpoint will not cause the fragrance oil to combust. However, the high temperature may cause the fragrance oil to evaporate quicker.


Do fragrances with low flashpoints evaporate quicker?

Craftiviti Candle making materials - soywax wicks essential oils

Fragrances with low flashpoints may evaporate quicker when expose to higher temperatures. You can still use them for candle making, but the moment it is added to the wax, the candle should be poured as soon as possible so the scent of the fragrance oil doesn’t lose its strength. This should be applied to Melt & Pour soap making as well if you’d like the scent of the fragrance oil to be strong and longer lasting.


What is the importance of a flashpoint?

Flashpoints are crucial information for air shipments and for those who make gel candles. For air shipments, fragrances with low flashpoints cannot be shipped via air. For gel candles, fragrances with flashpoints below 76Β°C should be avoided as they may combust when they come in contact with gel waxes.Β 

You can learn more about gel waxes and making gel candles here:

You can also find out the flashpoints of our fragrance oils here:

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