About Mica Powders, Their Grades, Types and Safety

Hello Handmakers!

We blogged about The Dark Secret of Natural Mica Powders before here, and since then, we’ve gotten more questions on Mica Powders. Among those frequently asked questions are:

  1. What’s the difference between cosmetic and non-cosmetic grade mica powders?
  2. Are mica powders natural?
  3. Which type should I used for this or that handmaking project?
  4. Are mica powders safe?

Let’s get into it!




What are Mica Powders? Are They Natural?

Mica Powders are widely used in cosmetic, nail, skin and personal care products. They’re shimmery, colorful powders that occur naturally or can be made synthetically.

About Mica Powders, Their Grades, Types and Safety Craftiviti (2)Natural mica powders are made from stone minerals. However, the mining of these mica powders are very dangerous—as shown in this video by Refinery29. Child labor is involved and due to that (along with the fact that natural mica powders can have negative or toxic minerals), we at Craftiviti refuse to sell natural mica powders.

Synthetic mica powders, on the other hand, replicates the effect and appearance of natural mica. They don’t have the negative or toxic minerals that can be found in some naturally occurring minerals, and don’t need to be mined. Moreover, synthetic mica powders do not contain any sharp edges that may microscopically tear or damage the skin.

Whether natural or synthetic, mica powders add shimmer or shine to a product. Although they come in many colours, they are not pigments or dyes. They do not dye or stain unless too much has been used. For example, if you use mica powders in a DIY lipstick, the colour will not transfer over to your lips unless you’ve use enough to let the mica bleed out. What you need to create a lipstick that colours your lips would be cosmetic grade pigment or dyes.


What are the difference between Cosmetic Grade and Non-Cosmetic Grade Mica Powders? Which Type Should I Use?

About Mica Powders, Their Grades, Types and Safety Craftiviti (1)To put it simply:

Cosmetic Grade Mica Powders

✔️ are SAFE for the skin
✔️ can be used in cosmetics, skin care, personal care products and more!
✔️ often comes in smaller quantities with a higher price*


Non-Cosmetic Grade Mica Powders

✔️ are NOT safe for the skin
✔️ often used in candles, resin art, DIY slime, paints and more!
✔️ often comes in larger quantities with a lower price*


*This is a generalization and may not be applicable to all. So when purchasing mica powders, we recommend buying mica powders from trusted sellers only, or to at least get confirmation from a seller before purchasing online.

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We hope this post helps ❤️

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