Thank you Tatler Asia for featuring us!

We are really excited to be featured at Tatler Asia. Our favorite sentence is:

A minimalist skincare range that prioritizes raw ingredients without artificial additives, Yein&Young has successfully curated a line of hypoallergenic products formulated with organically certified ingredients.  Meeting the demand for customization, customers can select their desired scent from a selection of 31 essential oils sourced from distillers worldwide, each with its own unique healing properties, and then combine them with Yein&Young’s castile soap and lotion bases

The brand’s dedication to its craft is evident in how it underwent more than two years of research and development to find the most suitable sources for their products and is now fully committed to strict organic-certified processes.

Tatler’s Pick: For the ultimate de-stressed experience, try lathering up with the Organic Liquid Castile Soap infused with lavender oil

Thank you again Tatler Asia. We really appreciate it. If you’re planning for a relaxing self-care day at home, we have you covered from head to toe with our best sustainable organic products Yein&Young.

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