SPOTTED: What customers are saying about our Yein&Young Organic Castile Soap

Everytime we receive good feedback about Yein&Young Organic Liquid Castile Soap, we feel this fuzzy warm feeling of immense gratitude inside.

We know people are loving it, but it’s wonderful to hear it straight from them.

It just makes all the years of R&D, lab testings and certifications worth it when we hear back that this product is helping someone feel better.

While we receive many positive face to face comments, here are some of our proudest reviews in black and white:

When newborn parents trust our products on their babies and then rave about it, we do a silent high 5.

It brings us so much pride to know our Yein&Young products help those with aging problems, skin issues or just maintaining the health of baby new skin.

Because we are purveyors of raw ingredients, it is natural that we handpick the best of the best to formulate a premium ready made range – Yein&Young.

Regular users says it leaves their skin soft and is non-drying. This is because our Organic Castile Soap is formulated using only organic certified natural plant oils such as Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (all the good stuff without synthetic ingredients).

Here’s another review on it. The coconutty smell here is completely natural and derived from the pure coconut oil:

As a liquid soap, it’s a top to toe all purpose soap suitable for face and body.

For toddlers, just add one pump into the bath water for a full head and body soap. This soap comes unscented because babies don’t need to be exposed to known allergies from perfume. And babies smell heavenly without synthetic perfumes too!

Ranganathan here mentioned another good plus point about Yein&Young Castile Soap. Because we chose for Yein&Young to be unscented, this also means it can be customizable to the scent that you want.

Who is Yein&Young for?

Basically, Yein&Young is formulated for anyone wanting to detox their skin and scalp. And for anyone going through a period of rest and recuperation.

These include babies, toddlers and people of all ages who need the gentlest care for their skin. And those who care what goes on their skin.

On you can pick between 5 different essential oils for a complimentary blend. Or you can blend your own scent using your own selection of essential oils (natural) or fragrance oils (synthetic).

It’s time to detox your skin.

To read up more, click here:

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