Honey Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

We had a great workshop last Sunday with LooLoo Soaps. Our 1st session was booked out fast so we opened up a second session on the same day just 1 hour apart. Daphne from LooLoo Soaps handled both classes like a champ!

The oils used in this workshop were:

Pomace Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Castor Oil

Palm Oil

Participants learned how to work with lye indoors and how to incorporate raw ingredients like fresh honey into their cold process soap making.

There was much stirring and giggling. And the entire place smelled heavenly with essential oil.

Each participant got to take home a mega block of soap weighing around 1kg. But because it is a CP soap, curing time will take up to 6 weeks before any of the soaps can be safely used.

Stay tuned to our next workshops on anything crafty! You can check our FB or visit our Workshop page on our website right here: https://www.craftiviti.com/workshop/

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