Get to know: ECO Fragrance Oils!

As we all know, Fragrance Oils are made from synthetic sources and Essential Oils are extracted from natural sources. (*To read more on their differences, check out our previous blog post on the three major differences of essential oils and fragrance oils!). So, what exactly are ECO Fragrance Oils and how are they ‘eco’?

Firstly, so that there is no confusion, our ECO Fragrance Oils are different from what some call Natural Fragrance Oils. While both are made in laboratories, Natural Fragrance Oils are created by isolating one of the natural aromatic components from a complex scent. Thus, these single scents are called isolates and Natural fragrance oils are blends of isolates that are extracted through the same processes that are used to get essential oils. Though, the difference between essential oils and Natural Fragrance Oils is that the entire scent complex compound is extracted for essential oils while only one single scent molecule is extracted for Natural Fragrance Oils. (1)

Our ECO Fragrance Oils, on the other hand, are still made of synthetic sources. However, they do not contain the 26 chemical substances that are known to cause potential allergy. These 26 chemical substances known to cause potential allergy are:

  1. Amyl cinnamal
  2. Amyl Cinnamyl Alcohol
  3. Anise Alcohol
  4. Benzyl Alcohol
  5. Benzyl Benzoate
  6. Benzyl Cinnamate
  7. Benzyl Salicylate
  8. Cinnamal
  9. Cinnamyl Alcohol
  10. Citral
  11. Citronellol
  12. Coumarin
  13. Limonene
  14. Eugenol
  15. Farnesol
  16. Alpha-isomethyl Ionone
  17. Geraniol
  18. Hexyl Cinnamal
  19. Hydroxycitronnellal
  20. Isoeugenol
  21. Butylphenyl methylpropional (lilial)
  22. Linalool
  23. Hydroxyisohexyl 3 Cyclohexenecarboxaldehyde (lyral)
  24. Methyl-2-octynoate
  25. Evernia prunastri Extract (Oakwood moss)
  26. Evernia furfuracea Extract (Tree moss).


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  1. “Natural Fragrance Oil? . . . Really?”, Chagrin Valley Soap And Salve, 2018 <; [Accessed 27 February 2019].

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