Our Collaboration with Future of Wellness Asia!

Hi Crafters!

From the 26th until the 28th of July, we took part in Future of Wellness Asia‘s Open House where customers can enjoy quick experiences with some of the services offered there by their 9 partners (in no particular order: Jari-Jari Spa, OhanaJo, 1TCM, Holistic Hair Care, Emma Lizs, Buluu, Bondahaven, Workwell and Craftiviti).

Future of Wellness Asia Front
The Future of Wellness Asia is the first Truly Malaysian Integrated Wellness Hub with the mission to become the ‘Master Curator’ of wellness experiences by creating exclusive value and extraordinary experiences for customers. As part of them, we at Craftiviti will be bringing in carefully curated, therapeutic crafting sessions.


During this event, we had a mini DIY station where we customized a Pure Essential Oil Roll-On for each customer. We used our 100% pure and refined Argan oil as the base to carry the customer’s choice of essential oil onto their skin (they could chose among Lavender, Palma Rosa, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass). It was a quick, 5-minute but informative session and we definitely loved how everyone enjoyed their roll-on!




On the second day of the Open House, we also had our very first workshop at the Future of Wellness. It was super exciting for us since it’s a new space and we couldn’t wait to meet new (and old) faces!

Here’s the beautiful space we’re sharing with Workwell at the Future of Wellness Asia!
A selection of our essential oils at the workshop.

This first workshop is a perfume making one titled Scents and Sensibilities, where 12 participants had the opportunity to create their own, one-of-a-kind perfume based on their personality, preferences and aromatherapeutic needs.

They got to choose a selection of and mix 100% pure, unadulterated and therapeutic grade essential oils with carrier oils and floral hydrosols. Though, the practical part isn’t the only fun part here! Our instructor, Daphne from Looloo Soap also taught them about the ingredients and their benefits, how perfumes can be formulated at home, what can or cannot be used for perfume formulations, and more. It’s safe to say that the workshop was a great experience for everyone involved!


Did you attend the Open House event at the Future of Wellness Asia? Or maybe you were a part of our first workshop there? If not, feel free to keep an eye on our upcoming workshops here! We always love meeting fellow crafters and sharing experiences with each other ❤

happy crafting

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