Top 10 Fragrance Oils For Christmas

Hi Handmakers!

As we all know, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! All the merry decorations and exchange of presents, with people gathering around and spending time with each other – what joy!

So naturally, you would have people coming over. And even more naturally, you would want your house to smell good and, well, christmasy.

Here are some fragrance oils that you can use to make your house smell like Santa Claus spilled his cologne in your living room.

  1. Honey Almond

Honey Almond has sort of a nutty scent from the almond and sweet scent from the honey. It has a soft hint of bittersweet from the combination. This fragrance is so delicious that you can practically put it anywhere in your house. Did you know, the almond oil used to make the almond scent, doesn’t necessarily have to be from an almond. Sometimes they made it out of apricots, cherries, peaches and even prunes.

2. Cinnamon

As we all know, cinnamon has a very peppery, vanilla-like scent. Much like Christmas! That’s why cinnamon is dubbed The Scent of Christmas. This scent is perfect to be used in the kitchen or living room for that warm feeling of comfort.

3. Red Fruits And Berries

As the name states, this scent smells quite fruity. A hint of sweet and tangy, maybe even zesty. You can actually drop a few of this fragrance oil in water and make yourself a DIY air freshener! Guess what fruits they always use as the reference for this scent? It’s cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, pomegranates, goji berries, lingonberries, rose hips, loganberries, and boysenberries!

4. Christmas Mint

This fragrance oil has a very fresh and minty smell to it. It’s like you inhale a tube of toothpaste! It’s really refreshing and can actually relax you. Soak a few pompom balls with this fragrance oil and put it in your bathroom for it to always smell minty fresh!

5. Bonfire

When people think of bonfire, they always think of warm, comforting gatherings with a few people around the soothing glow of flames. That’s exactly how this fragrance oil will make you feel! It has an earthy, sort-of-like sandalwood scent that would make you feel like you were a 12-year-old roasting a marshmallow. This fragrance oil works great with soaps and scrub. Makes you feel and smell nostalgic all day!

6. Snowy Cedars

This fragrance possesses a pleasant, woody-sweet, slightly fumous and smoky scent. It smells really good and strong! You can drop some of it in candles, soaps, and even soak your potpourri with it or just scatter it around your house so people will wonder where the sweet smell came from.

7. Cranberry

Much like Red Fruits and Berries, Cranberry has a very fruity smell but without the tangy zesty touch. It has a hint of vanilla and a very strong sweet aroma that will make you fall in love in seconds!

8. Citrus & Figs

As soon as you inhale this scent, you’ll immediately notice the strong aroma of green florals, green leaves and tanginess from the citrus. After that, you might smell a hint of light musk and wood. This smell would go great with soaps and candles!

9. Maple Syrup

Enjoy the sweet aroma of warm maple sugar and butter. This scent is extremely rich, complex, and long lasting. It almost smells like pancakes and waffles on a Christmas morning!

10. Ginger

Ginger spreads it’s sweet scent in a delicate manner. The wonderful spiced scent gives you a hint of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Like a ginger breadman cookie! Warm and full of love.

Different Ways To Use Your Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are not only used in soaps and candles. You can use them in so many ways.

  1. Pompoms

Take some small pompom balls and soak them in fragrance oil. Scatter the pompom balls around your house or put them in a small jar/bowl and put them on your coffee table.

2. Air Freshener

Fill up a spray bottle with water and add in a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil. Shake it well and spray away! If you want to skip the shaking, just mix Fragrance oil with a few drops of Polysorbate-20 to help the oil and water combine.

3. Potpourri

Have any dried flowers laying around? Don’t throw them out! You can make potpourri out of them. Just put them on a baking tray and ‘bake’ them for awhile. Then, put them in a bowl and drop in a few fragrance oil.

4. Diffuser

Mix your favorite fragrance oil with some alcohol and put it in your diffuser. Your house will smell incredible!

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