Your Ultimate Scent Category Guide to Craftiviti’s Fragrance Oils

Hello Fragrance Lovers!

At Craftiviti, we have more or less 100 types of fragrance oils which are suitable for DIY personal care products like cosmetics, skincare, soaps and more; and scented projects like candles, perfume and diffusers. Our fragrance oils can be used on their own too! (If you want to learn more about our fragrance oils and the many ways you can use them, check out our Ultimate Introduction to Fragrance Oils here 🙌)

However, because of the huge variety, we understand that it can be confusing or difficult to know which type of fragrance oil complements another when it comes to blending them.

So, without further ado, here’s the scent category chart with all of our current fragrance oils listed:


What are Craftiviti’s most popular Fragrance Oils?

At the time of writing, here’s our most Top Sellers:

We hope this helps! ❤️

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