Your Ultimate Introduction to Fragrance Oils


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Hello Fragrance Lovers!

Here’s everything you need to know about our fragrance oils!

Whether it’s fragrance to make your home or car smell great or for making your own soaps and candles, we’ve created this post for you as your Ultimate Introduction to Fragrance Oils 🙌


IMG_20210615_115247What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are scented oils that are very concentrated. They are used in the making of perfumes which means they are strong and smells lovely! Each different fragrance oil is unique and creates a different sensory experience.

Fragrance oils come in a much wider variety of different smells and their scents last longer, making them perfect for scenting your home, making soaps and candles, perfumes and many other projects that requires scent.


When and where can Fragrance Oils be used?

You can use fragrance oils ANYWHERE! Imagine every room in your house smelling differently.

Imagine smelling coffee  all the time in your kitchen with our Coffee Fragrance Oil, or fresh zesty orange in your dining room (to wake up the appetite!). Walk into your bedroom to smell the scent of Lavender and in your toilet you smell peppermint…

Then get into your car and it smells of Fresh Apples!

The list is endless because we have over 100 scents for you to choose from!

On top of that, our fragrance oils are also specially formulated to be safe for use in handmaking projects like soap making, candle making, perfumery, room sprays and more!

They are perfect for any project that uses scent, and they can also be used on their own in oil warmers, diffusers and potpourri.

How to use Fragrance Oils?

  • Add a few drops to your oil burner, light up the burner and breathe in!
  • Add to your mist diffuser according to the device instructions
  • Add to your potpourri or dried leaves and flowers
  • Drip onto cotton balls and stuff into book shelf corners or drawers or car
  • Drip a few drops onto your curtains, carpets, pillows to freshen up your linens
  • Drip a few drops into the toilet bowl and smell the difference when you flush!
  • Or make soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and candles with them!


How much Fragrance Oils can I use? IMG_20210615_115209

For oil warmers (essential oil warmers, tealight warmers, electrical warmers, etc) and potpourri, a minimum of 10 drops of fragrance oil is fine. Because our oils are concentrated and not diluted, a few drops will scent an entire room!

This means a 30ml bottle which our oils are packed in will last you a long time! Our oils range from RM14 to RM25 making it truly an affordable, safe and long lasting experience.

If you’re using your oil warmer in a bigger space, you’ll need to add more drops of fragrance oil. How strong you want the scent to be is entirely up to you.

For making soaps or candles, the usual 10% rule applies or follow the recipe given in the recipe links below.


What are the benefits of Fragrance Oils?

Aside from the wide variety of scents readily available and the long lasting aromas, fragrance oils:

✔️ deodorizes and refreshes surroundings

✔️ gets rid of stale and musky smells especially in cars or in cupboards

✔️ improves mood when you smell something nice

✔️ can be associated with your fondest memory so the next time you smell the same scent, you’ll be reminded of it

✔️ get rid of overpowering cooking smells like the pungent odor of belacan or salted fish 



On The Quality of Our Fragrance Oils

  • We have been importing fragrance oils for years so we know good oils vs bad ones
  • All our oils are imported from UK and France (where the best perfumes are made)
  • We have been working with ethical trusted suppliers for years
  • Certified safe for inhaling and also for using to make soaps and candles
  • Highly concentrated with no adulteration
  • Strong smelling and long lasting – a little goes a long way
  • Comes in over 100 scents to choose from
  • Our fragrance oils range from RM14 to RM25  for 30ml and is truly cost effective for scenting your spaces everyday


What are Craftiviti’s most popular Fragrance Oils?

At the time of writing, we have more than 100 types of fragrance oils in store and among them, our most Top Sellers are:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Geranium Fragrance Oil
  2. Jasmine Fragrance Oil
  3. Lavender Fragrance Oil (smells like the actual flower and extremely calming)
  4. Lemongrass Fragrance Oil
  5. Lavender Fresh Fragrance Oil (smells like an air freshener)
  6. Orange & Lemon Fragrance Oil
  7. Peach Fragrance Oil
  8. Rose Fragrance Oil
  9. Sakura Fragrance Oil
  10. Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
  11. Sea Salt & Citrus Fragrance Oil
  12. Spearmint Fragrance Oil
  13. Sweet Rose Fragrance Oil
  14. Vanilla Fragrance Oil

More Crazy Creative Fragrance Oils!

Feeling adventurous? Why stick to normal when you can go a little crazy with the following scents:

  1. Cupcakes Fragrance Oil
  2. Bubblegum Burst Fragrance Oil
  3. Rum Fragrance Oil
  4. French Cologne Fragrance Oil
  5. Pina Colada Fragrance Oil
  6. Bonfire Fragrance Oil
  7. Chocolate Delight Fragrance Oil
  8. Love Potion Fragrance Oil 
  9. Tutti Fruiti Fragrance Oil


Can We Mix & Blend Different Fragrance Oils Together?

6Yes, definitely! Imagine customizing your own blends that smell just the way you want it. And no one can replicate or copy your unique scents. Make your guests envious!

Here are some of our favorite blends:

  1. Lavender Fragrance Oil + Lemon Fragrance Oil
  2. Apple Fragrance Oil + Vanilla Fragrance Oil + Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
  3. Strawberry Fresh Fragrance Oil + Honey Fragrance Oil
  4. Osmanthus Fragrance Oil + Peony Fragrance Oil + Grapefruit Caramel Fragrance Oil
  5. Smokey Tobacco Fragrance Oil + Sea Salt & Citrus Fragrance Oil
  6. White Musk Fragrance Oil + Tonka Bean Fragrance Oil + Geranium Fragrance Oil + Yuzu Fragrance Oil

If these blends aren’t your thing, feel free to mix and match scents! Remember we have over 100 different scents to suit different noses!


cp soap

Here’s some easy recipes that uses fragrance oils 👇

  1. DIY Strawberry Honey Soy Wax Melts in 4 Steps
  2. We Tried 3 Common Reed Diffuser Liquid Recipes and Came Up with Two More!
  3. 3 Air Freshener Recipes to DIY at Home *
  4. Romantic Rose Palm Wax Candle DIY *
  5. DIY Cool Peppermint Aloe Vera Soap *
  6. DIY Sweet Orange Rose Bath Bombs *

*You can switch essential oils with fragrance oils for this.


We hope this helps! ❤️

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