Using Essential Oils as Natural Bug Repellents

Hello Handmakers!

As the weather changes in Malaysia, we find a surplus of bugs everywhere and while they’re living things living their own life just like us, it can get annoying when they invade our living space and bite us.

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With that said, here’s some of our favorite essential oils that you can use as natural insect repellents by

✔️ Adding some to your oil burner or diffuser. Light it up or switch it own and let the aroma of the essential oil fill your space
✔️ Dripping onto a bowl of potpourri
✔️ Using a wood ball essential oil diffuser directly over your essential oil bottle
✔️ Diluting your own essential oil blends with carrier oils to be used topically on your skin
✔️ Making your own wax melts and using them with your wax warmer

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